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Helping inventors develop and patent their inventions through the various phases of the invention: conception, development, commercialization, and patenting.

We provide several patent & invention consulting and development services.

  • Invention development
  • Consulting
  • Assessment of business potential
  • Assessment of manufacturing and commercialization potential
  • Patenting strategies
  • Patent application and prosecution
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Who we are

Steven Greenfield has 30 years of experience in R&D, product development, process development, engineering, and manufacturing.

  • BS and MS in Chemical Engineering
  • MBA
  • Technical knowledge and experience in chemical formulations, chemical processes, consumer products, pulp and paper materials and processes, nonwovens, and paper converting
  • Author of patents
  • Registered Patent Agent #58395

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Examples of our patents

Dr. Aicardo Roa-Espinosa, owner of SoilNet LLC, of Madison, WI has developed numerous processes for separating waste materials into useful components such as water, fibers, oil and proteins.

US10,464,834 describes a multi stage process for the separation of bio-components from grease trap waste and animal waste materials. Targeted polymers are added to the source and separated streams prior to passing the streams through separation equipment in which the waste stream is separated into a stream containing predominantly oil, grease and protein, a stream containing predominantly water and a stream that predominantly contains fibers.

Dr Scott Parazynski of Houston, TX developed a waste containment and isolating system used for storing and isolating waste materials in a way that closure of the device and isolating the waste is done remotely and in a way that the user does not need to come in contact with the waste or the containment device as presented in US10,343,841.

John Biesiadecki of Sycamore, IL developed a building panel structure with a reinforcing assembly and a process for manufacturing the structure. The structure consists of a concrete layer, an insulating material comprising polyurethane in the center of the structure and a corrugated steel layer on the inside of the building as described in US10,323,413. The process of manufacturing the building structure involves placing a wet concrete layer inside a container, positioning the reinforcing assembly in the container inside the wet concrete, setting the concrete layer and forming the polyurethane layer between the concrete and corrugated steel layers by an in-situ chemical reaction.

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Why a patent agent instead of a patent attorney?

An attorney is able to represent you in court proceedings in case your patent is infringed, but their fees are significantly higher. In terms of prosecuting patent applications, both patent agents and attorneys are equally qualified in the eyes of the Patent Office. Many people seeking a patent don't need an attorney.

Typical patent attorney costsOur costs
Non Provisional Utility (2015 industry average)
- Minimal complexity
- Relatively complex
Design $2,500-$4,000 $1,500-$2,000
Provisional $1,500-$3,000 $1,000-$2,000
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