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Helping inventors develop and patent their inventions through the various phases of the invention: conception, development, commercialization, and patenting.

We provide several patent & invention consulting and development services.

  • Invention development
  • Consulting
  • Assessment of business potential
  • Assessment of manufacturing and commercialization potential
  • Patenting strategies
  • Patent application and prosecution
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Who we are

Steven Greenfield has 30 years of experience in R&D, product development, process development, engineering, and manufacturing.

  • BS and MS in Chemical Engineering
  • MBA
  • Technical knowledge and experience in chemical formulations, chemical processes, consumer products, pulp and paper materials and processes, nonwovens, and paper converting
  • Author of patents
  • Registered Patent Agent #58395

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Examples of our patents


This unique dance floor is made of interconnecting frames, each containing intersecting elongated panels, trim panels, wiring embedded inside channels on the bottom of the elongated panels that are connected to electrical connectors, electrical receptors and ribbon lights.


This system for towing a trailer by a towing vehicle is configured to maintain a constant towing load on the towing vehicle as well as optimizing other performance criteria such as fuel efficiency.


The process for treatment of fibers in this patent simultaneously and continuously macerates fibers while exposing the fibers to superheated steam, ammonia gas and ethylenediamine gas. The treatment results in improved fiber water holding capacity and improved conversion efficiency in the production of ethanol from the treated fibers.

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Why a patent agent instead of a patent attorney?

An attorney is able to represent you in court proceedings in case your patent is infringed, but their fees are significantly higher. In terms of prosecuting patent applications, both patent agents and attorneys are equally qualified in the eyes of the Patent Office. Many people seeking a patent don't need an attorney.

Typical patent attorney costsOur costs
Non Provisional Utility (2008 industry average)
- Minimal complexity
- Relatively complex
Design (compiled from competitive websites) $2500-$4000 $1000-$2000
Provisional (compiled from competitive websites) $1500-$3000 $1000-$2000
See the FAQ for more information about patent agents vs attorneys