The Products behind the Patents

Behind every patent there is a new and useful product, method or chemical formula with the potential for a new business and profits. The patent serves to protect the inventions against the infringement.

The patents below issued through patent applications filed by Greenfield Invention and Patent Consulting, Inc, and are examples of the work the company performs.

US 8,615,937 for a Dance Floor Assembly

Doug Heim of Oneida, WI designed a novel dance floor from interconnecting frames, each containing intersecting elongated panels, trim panels, wiring embedded inside channels located at the bottom of the elongated panels that are connected to electrical connectors, electrical receptors and ribbon lights. An electrical controller produces a chase pattern where strings of adjacent light bulbs cycle on and off to give the illusion of lights moving along the string.
See the dance floor in use at

US 8,418,809 for a Hunting Ladder Anchor and US D701,618 for a Ladder Leg Anchor

Kevin Donlon of De Pere, WI invented device for anchoring a ladder to the ground and a method for setting up a ladder against a tree. This is useful for quickly setting up ladders against trees during the hunting season. The device is protected by both a utility and a design patent.
See the device in use at

US 8,365,849 for a System and Method for Towing a Trailer

Brian Bartel of Green Bay, WI designed a system for towing a trailer by a towing vehicle, such as a bike or a car, and a method for controlling such a system. The system and method are configured to maintain a constant towing load on the towing vehicle as well as optimizing other performance criteria such as fuel efficiency. The system comprises a closed loop controller, a towing arm assembly, a load measuring device, an electric hub motor for the trailer, brakes, a motor controller and a brake controller.
Watch the towing of a trailer in and

US 8,453,337 for a System and Method for Workpiece Coordinate Measurements

Jim Lacy of Modtech Industries in Shawano, WI developed a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for accurately positioning workpieces to allow continuous and uninterrupted coordinate measurements. The system comprises two movable platforms adapted for moving on a stationary platform using air pressure, fixtures for affixing workpieces to the movable platform, locator stops and locators for affixing the movable platforms in a predetermined measurement area on the stationary platform. More information on the product may be found in:

US 8,444,810 B2 for a Apparatus and Process for Treatment of Fibers

Aicardo Roa-Espinosa of Madison, WI developed a process for treatment of fibers that involves simultaneously and continuously macerating the fibers and exposing the fibers to superheated steam, ammonia gas and ethylenediamine gas. The treatment is carried out in a chamber where the fibers are subjected to the mechanical rubbing and crushing action of rotating pins against channels in the chamber interior wall. The treatment results in improved fiber water holding capacity and improved conversion efficiency in the production of ethanol from the treated fibers.

US D663,093 for a Cylinder Clamp

David Brewer of Green Bay, WI designed a lift clamp for cylinders. The product may be viewed at

US 8,907,113 for an Enhanced Biodiesel Process

Aicardo Roa-Espinosa of Madison, WI and Hailin Lin of Guangzhou, China developed a process for separating glycerin from methyl ester that can be carried out at a substantially faster rate and using fewer steps and equipment compared to current technology. The improved process results from carrying out the transesterification reaction in a substantially non-polar and water free environment. A polymer selected from a group of polymers shown to be effective in such an environment is added to the product mixture which greatly improves the rate of separation between the methyl ester and the glycerin and reduces the number of steps required to accomplish the separation.

US D690265 for an Electric Fence Insulator

Steve Nelson of Iron River, MI designed an electric fence insulator attachable to a tree in a way that minimizes the contact area and thus the potential damage to the tree.

US D664,031 for a Sausage Double Clip Declipper, US D664,031 for a Sausage Single clip declipper and US D708029 for a Sausage End Declipper

James Kleiber of Black Creek, WI designed a series of devices for declipping sausage links in a continuous fashion.

US 8719758 for Methods and Apparatus for Automated Wiring Diagram Generation

Jonathan Knapp of Brookline, MA, Thomas Coffin of St. Petersburg, FL and Christopher Jaffe of Lake Park, FL developed a method of automated diagram generation useful for wiring diagrams and plumbing diagrams. Entities and connectivity relationships are assigned to groups and placed into appropriate columns and lanes, candidate layouts are determined for placement into one or more workspaces based on widths assigned to those columns, connectivity relationships are assigned for one or more entities in at least one column, and column widths are assigned as a function of the lane assignments.

US 8819949 B2 for a Line Marking Assembly

Keith Gerard Fritsch of Kaukauna, WI and Herbert Goetz AND Mark Payne both of Neenah, WI developed a line marking device. The device has two chambers configured to mount one on each side of a level. Each chamber contains a cord wound on a spool, marking powder and a tensioning assembly that exerts a constant and continuous pull on the cord. The cords from each of the chambers are combined with a coupler. Moving the coupler back and forth between the chambers coats the cords with marking powder. Placing the assembly onto a surface and snapping the cord marks a straight line on the surface.

Below is a list of some additional US patents we acquired for our clients:

  • 8,176,672
  • 8,907,113
  • 8,907,201
  • 8,109,238
  • 7,958,878
  • 7,759,569
  • D657,192
  • D658,941
  • D664,068
  • D635,738
  • D665,168
  • D668,009
  • D661,310
  • D666,014
  • D663,127
  • D666,844
  • 8,322,925
  • D676,355
  • 8,418,385
  • D680,083
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  • D689,254
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  • 9,051,538
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  • 10,286,284