My Pledge

As a patent practitioner I am bound by rules of ethical behavior. This means that I must a) follow directives from you and undertake work only with your approval and b) always look out for your interests.

  1. I will safeguard your money as it was mine. I will charge reasonable fees and will constantly look for ways to save you money.
  2. I will talk to you as one inventor to another using common sense language and avoid legalese (using it only when you need to understand an important concept).
  3. If I have insufficient knowledge or expertise in an area critical to our working relationship, or if a conflict of interest develops, I will promptly inform you. In this case, I will offer the option of either:
    - Subcontracting to someone who can provide that expertise or
    - Withdrawing from the project and trying to find someone better suited for the job.
  4. While I am qualified to prosecute a wide spectrum of patent applications, it may become beneficial to my client to have parts of the application subcontracted to another practitioner. This might be a situation where an essential piece of the patent application involves an area in which I do not have sufficient expertise. If my client approves, I will look for someone capable, trustworthy, and reasonably priced.
  5. I will be honest and up front with my client and do my best not to mislead him or her. If I can't do a project or an invention is in my opinion not patentable or not feasible, I will speak my mind.
  6. I will take utmost care to safeguard the information you entrust me with and keep it confidential.