We are not like most Patent Law firms. While we provide patenting services as do many Patent Law firms, our services go well beyond that.

We recognize that a patent, while important, is only one component in the process of successfully developing a business which is our clients’ ultimate goal. Our experience tells us that inventions continually evolve and clients who plan to market their inventions need support in a number of areas such as: invention development, business planning, marketing, contract manufacturing and prototyping.

A key challenge our clients face is weaving the patenting process with their product and business development which requires a fine balancing act of maintaining confidentiality and promoting a business. Individuals and small companies that lack resources face tough challenges, yet despite the difficulties we can point to many success stories. You can see examples in the link: “From Patents Come Products” that show the issued patents and the products they represent.

We view ourselves first and foremost “Invention and Patent Consultants.” Our mission is “to use our technical and patent expertise to help individual inventors and small companies develop, patent and manufacture their inventions.” As part of our mission, we formed associations with various expert resources such as engineers, marketing consultants, patent attorneys, prototype companies and contract manufacturers that we mobilize as needed to help our clients.

We provide:

  • Patentability assessments: we conduct prior art searches to determine the patent position of inventions.
  • Patent prosecution: we conduct all phases of prosecution from filing patent applications, responding to Patent Office actions, filing amendments and conducting examiner interviews through the final step of patent issue.
  • Technical consulting services: we consult on invention development, identify improvements, help solve problems and generate new ideas.
  • Business consulting: we help assess market and profitability potential.
  • Referral to service providers: we refer clients to companies or experts who are in position to help our clients if we lack the appropriate expertise such as marketing consultants, patent attorneys, prototype companies and contract manufacturers.

See Credentials for the areas of my knowledge and experience.

See From Patents Come Products for a list of issued patents we obtained for our clients.